Diploma in Fine Jewellery Design - 1 Year

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Diploma in Fine Jewellery Design

Jewellery has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique – Elizabeth Taylor. The Diploma in Fine Jewellery is a one-year Jewellery designing course in Bangalore, proposes a methodological approach to Jewellery Design and illustrates the most technical components of the skills of a designer. The Students of JD Institute of Fashion Technology are taught to design jewellery collections, which combine creativity, research and innovation. The jewellery design course is designed to encourage and acquire knowledge of the Indian and international manufacturing methods, to design jewellery that is in line with current trends in the market.

Course Overview

  • Design thinking & process
  • Research methodology and collection design
  • Jewellery illustration and rendering
  • Metallurgy and gemology studies
  • Design realization
  • Visual communication and design management
  • The jewellery design course in Bangalore helps the students to master the fundamentals of CAD (Computer Aided Design). CAD is used to teach the students the finer tricks of creating the most sensational designs that can be quickly and more easily perceived and judged as compared to the traditional modes of design creation.
  • The Jewellery design course details are developed with a final project where the learner has to submit a design portfolio which will be evaluated by the mentor to analyses an individual’s learning outcome.

Learning Outcomes

  • The Ability to implement complex ideas visually
  • Understanding cultural and historical contexts in which ideas are visually transmitted
  • Strong research methods to develop appropriate response to the projects
  • Good understanding of metal property and their use
  • Individual mastery of all the phases of the realization working process
  • The jewellery designing course in Bangalore gives the ability to develop a jewellery collection
  • Original approach in the luxury management sector

Career Opportunities

Over the years the jewellery industry is getting bigger, better and expanding over the world, the requirement for Jewellery designers are increasing daily giving them innumerable career opportunities. Being at the JD institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore opens a lot of career opportunities to the jewellery designing aspirants, from having their own fine jewellery, costume jewellery brand or working for top brands or luxury designer, the options are endless.

Course Curriculum

JD01 Foundation Drawing
JD0101 Materials Used For Designing 05:00:00
JD0102 : Drawing 00:00:00
JD0103: Perspective Drawing & 3D 00:00:00
JD0104: Tone, Shading and Shadow 00:00:00
JD0105 : Colour 00:00:00
JD0106: Colour Psychology 00:00:00
JD02 Cultural Studies
JD0201: History Of Jewellery 00:00:00
JD0202: Egyptian Jewellery 00:00:00
JD0203: Art Noveau 00:00:00
JD0204: Arts & Crafts Movement 00:00:00
JD0205: Art Deco 00:00:00
JD0206: Retro Modern Style 00:00:00
JD0207: Edwardian 00:00:00
JD0208: Mid- Century 00:00:00
JD0209: Indian Jewellery 00:00:00
JD0210: Indian Tribal Jewellery 00:00:00
JD03 Design Thinking and Process
JD0301: Elements Of Design 00:00:00
JD0302: Principles Of Design 00:00:00
JD0303: Design Thinking & Process 00:00:00
JD04 Metallurgy
JD0401: Tools used in Jewellery Making 00:00:00
JD0402: Introduction to Metallurgy 00:00:00
JD0403: Metal, Alloys & Their Properties 00:00:00
JD0404: Handmade and Casting 00:00:00
JD0405: Techniques & Processes 00:00:00
JD0406: Plating & Textures 00:00:00
JD0407: Stone Shape & Settings 00:00:00
JD0408: Jewellery Findings & Chains 00:00:00
JD05 Jewellery Illustrations
JD0501: Types of Jewellery 00:00:00
JD0502: Gemstone sizes & Illustration 00:00:00
JD0503: Concept of shading/rendering 00:00:00
JD0504: Diamond calculation by using rapaport 00:00:00
JD0505: Jewellery Orthography 00:00:00
JD0506: Jewellery Isometric 00:00:00
JD06 Diamond Grading & Gemmology
JD0601: Instruments to Identify 00:00:00
JD0602: Introduction to diamonds 00:00:00
JD0603: 4’C of Diamond 00:00:00
JD0604: Imitations 00:00:00
JD0605: Introduction to gemology 00:00:00
JD0606: Mineralogy and crystallography 00:00:00
JD0607: Classification of gemstones 00:00:00
JD0608: General observation 00:00:00
JD0609: Inclusions 00:00:00
JD0610: Precious gemstones 00:00:00
JD0611: Semi-Precious gemstones 00:00:00
JD07 Visual Merchandising
JD0701: Introduction to Visual Merchandising 00:00:00
JD0702: History 00:00:00
JD0703: VM Techniques 00:00:00
JD0704: Elements of VM 00:00:00
JD0705: Store layouts & themes 00:00:00
JD0706: Success factors of VM 00:00:00
JD0707: Packaging 00:00:00
JD08 Portfolio
JD0801: Introduction 00:00:00
JD0802: Format 00:00:00
JD0803: Key Points 00:00:00
JD09 Corel Draw
JD0901: Introduction to CorelDraw 00:00:00
JD0902: Image Type In CorelDRAW 00:00:00
JD0903: Launching the CorelDRAW Application 00:00:00
JD0904: User Interface of CorelDRAW Part-1 00:00:00
JD0905: User Interface of CorelDraw Part-2 00:00:00
JD0906: Previewing a Drawing 00:00:00
JD0907: Modifying the Size and Orientation of a Drawing Page 00:00:00
JD0908: Drawing Shapes 00:00:00
JD0909: Using Curves 00:00:00
JD0910: Shape Tools 00:00:00
JD10 Rhinoceros
JD1001: Introduction to Rhinoceros 5 00:00:00
JD1002 : TOOLS 00:00:00
JD1003 : BASIC SHAPES 00:00:00
JD1004 : STONE SETTINGS 00:00:00
JD1006 : 2D DESIGN TO 3D DESIGN PART2 00:00:00
JD1007 – RINGS 00:00:00

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