Fashion Entrepreneurship

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Module objective:

The primary goal of Fashion Entrepreneurship is to develop in its students the Entrepreneurial competencies required for the fashion Entrepreneur.

  1. The Description of business in terms of name and address of the business type of business your product or service the name(s)of the business, type of business, your product or service, the name(s)of the owner(s),the amount of money needed, and the purpose of the financing.
  2. The Marketing plan; potential customers and methods of selling.
  3. The Organization plan in terms of management personnel and qualifications, and legal structures.
  4. The Operation/Production plan in terms of operational process, hours, and type of equipment, facility needed.

The subject especially aims to develop the Entrepreneurial Qualities to prepare the mindset for starting up their own business after the completion of this course.

Learning outcomes:

Upon completion of the subject, students will be able to:

  1. To identify and formulate the business idea.
  2. To analyze and appraise the project ideas based on the parameters selected.
  3. To develop the best business plan idea to further work on Project Report.


Module content (No of hours of class study and home study specific + reference material specific)

Course Curriculum

Introduction of Fashion Entrepreneurship 06:00:00
Stages of Entrepreneurial process
Stages of Entrepreneurial Process 09:00:00
Barriers of Entrepreneurship
Barriers of Entrepreneurship 06:00:00
Opportunity Generation/Identification
Opportunity Generation/Identification 00:00:00
Idea Generation & Idea Selection
Idea Generation & Idea Selection 00:00:00
Business Plan
Business Plan 00:00:00
Case Study 1
Fashion Entrepreneurship Module 7 00:00:00
Description of Business
Fashion Design_Fashion Entrepreneurship Module 8 00:00:00
Financial Plan
Fashion Design_Fashion Entrepreneurship Module 9 00:00:00
Case Study 2
Operational Plan
Fashion Design_Fashion Entrepreneurship Module 11 00:00:00
R&D in Operational Plan
Fashion Design_Fashion Entrepreneurship Module 12 00:00:00
Organizational Plan
Fashion Design_Fashion Entrepreneurship Module 13 00:00:00
Marketing & Distribution Plan
Fashion Design_Fashion Entrepreneurship Module 14 00:00:00

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