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  • Lifts (UK)
  • Elevators (USA)
  • A platform or cabin used to transport loads or passengers up or down, from one level of the building to another are also called a lift.
  • History: Egypt monastery powered by hands/ salves. Animals with cab on rope & pulley.
  • First screw driver elevator (1793-1823) in Moscow (ascending room)
  • Invented by William Armstrong in 1846 at decks of London for loading cargo in ships.

Different Types:-

  • Hydraulic lifts- cheaper but can’t be used for more height.
  • Electric lifts: electrically powered
  • Traction (winding drum) engine:

Inclined lifts: platform or chair driven along an inclined rail, stairways by electrical engine

  • Pneumatic vacuum operated: one floor




(a) NORMAL: less capacity (250kgs-850kgs)

(b) HEAVY DUTY: ( 1200 kg)  Hospital , Malls

  • CARGO:-

(a) Less capacity (below 1000kg) service lift, Hotels, stores

(b) Heavy duty (2500kg) courier company, dept.stores


Different companies provide the lifts: Otis, Kone, Johnson,


As interior designers Passengers Normal lifts will be installed

  • Capsule
  • Glass lift (Airport)
  • Single floor
  • Inclined chair (physically challenged & senior citizen)

Types of entrances ( Doors configuration, Physically challenged)

  • Low speed, small capacity, low budget.
  • Types: Imperforated collapsible door and swing door.

(a)center opening doors

(b) Two speed Doors : – space effective, operational inefficiency operator are suggested.

(c) Doors on opposite side.


  1. Major elements: HOIST WAY
  • Hoist way/ lift shaft/ lift well/ lift hoist way
  • Hoist way door at each floor
  • Hoisting cable- steel cable
  • Machine room at top & elevator pit at bottom.
  1. MACHINE ROOM /lift room
  • For hydraulic lifts
  • Content panel (electronic control equipment)
  • Hoisting machinery.
  • Adequate ventilation, soundproofing & structural support (not store room)

3.Elevator car

Finishes satin.s.steel guides by vertical rails on each side. Design of car focuses ceiling, wall, floor and door finishes, accompanying lighting, ventilation and E.signal equipment.

Emergency alarm

Phone, speakers

Counterweights- establish balance

Limit switch- cuts of power (electrical)

Buffer- reduces effect of impact.

Elevator pit (lowest stop)

Waiting Lobbies:

Clearly visible

Elevator signals

Free circulation

Near entrance

  • (a) Location of elevator: center of floor, or two for different wings
  • (b) Group of lifts: Lobby width- 2x when car, depth is ‘x’, when placed opposite of each other.
  • One set serve lower floors while other set serve upper, express lifts for upper floor.

Design consideration:

  • Activity of building
  • No. of uses
  • No. of floors
  • Area of floors= lift of size (time s.stds)
  • Traffic hours- peak timings  For ex. Office building- time & day (Lunch break)

Malls- time & day.

  • More lifts- waiting time ( min. 20 seconds, max- 45 seconds)
  • Save powers- serve purpose


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